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Library Catalog & Services

One of the many treasures of the German-Texan Heritage Society is the Charles G. Trenckmann Family Library. The library collection is named in honor of Charles Grover Trenckmann (1920-1988), a long-time member and benefactor of the German-Texan Heritage Society, and a German Texan himself, the grandson of William Andreas Trenckmann (1859-1935) of Bellville; the noted educator, publisher of Das Wochenblatt, and author of Die Lateiner am Possum Creek.

Who are we?

Part of the library’s collection is a set of hundreds of 20th and 21st Century books and self-publications ranging from family histories and genealogies to histories and overviews of Texas German music, art, culture, literature, and society. Some of our materials are the only copy in Texas. We are proud to announce that it is now possible to search this portion of the Trenkmann library catalog online.


To explore our library, please visit us at 507 East 10th Street, Austin, TX.

Our office is open Thursdays between 11 am - 4 pm or by appointment. 

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

To view our online library catalog please click below

Simply interested in GENEALOGY and wanting to know where your ancestors came from? We offer free genealogy research for all our members. Please contact for questions or to start a genealogy research query.

Not sure if a certain book has what you need? Our volunteers are willing to offer 5-10 minutes of research for you per week. 


All of our library materials are for use within the German Free School only

(no loaning is available), but we are offering paid scanning services for those

who are unable to visit us in person. 

We can provide one chapter/article per request, and up to 3 chapters from a

single  book with individual requests. We cannot provide scans of full books.


The following restrictions apply:

  • Only one chapter/article per request form.

  • Allow 14-28 days for your request to be filled.

  • Entire books cannot be scanned.

Scanning services only apply to books and other paper materials. Digitization

of DVDs, CDs, etc. is not included nor offered. 


You can request:

  • Articles and book chapters that are 40 pages or less. One article or chapter per request form.



  • We will only scan books, etc. that are located in the Charles G. Trenckmann Family Library

  • Only one article or chapter per request form submitted.

  • Only three chapters from a book still within copyright may be scanned.

  • There is no rush processing available for this scanning service.

  • Requests for entire books submitted systematically chapter by chapter are a copyright violation. 

  • We cannot scan books or journals that are in poor or fragile condition, AV materials,  maps, or large format materials.


How much does it cost?

Cost per Black and White copy: $0.39. 

For credit cards, please add a 3% processing fee. We will call you when the scans are complete to set up a payment.


For checks:

German Texans Heritage Society

PO Box 684171

Austin, TX 78768-4171

Copies can only be done at the German-Texan Heritage Society building. We will not mail copies.

The online catalog is a work in progress and will continue to improve throughout the year. If you would like to help out at the library, please contact us at

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We Need Your Support Today!

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