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GTHS Classes Overview

GTHS has offered German language classes since 1995.  We currently offer classes for children, teens, and adults in the greater Central Texas area, as well as online. Instructors are qualified, native or near-native speakers of German. 

For adults, courses are offered during a 16-week fall and spring semester, as well as an 8-week semester in the summer.

We offer formal classes which follow textbooks and require a considerable amount of independent study than more informal classes.

The German-Texan Heritage Society is proud to have been able to open the German International School of Texas at Austin Pre-K in 2021. Our German immersion Pre-K caters to 2.5-5 year olds and has a waiting list for those interested in joining us. Visits are by appointment only. In the Fall of 2022 we've added the Kindergarten class. Here too we have a waiting list but there are still spots available for this year.

GTHS has been an official Goethe Institut Examination Center since November 2017. All of our classes are designed to help students to prepare for the respective Goethe-Institut Certificate exams recognized globally as proof of German language proficiency. Read more about the Goethe-Institut and their language exams here. 

Students interested in passing the A1 exam should ideally complete classes A1.1, A1.2, and A1.3 with full participation (including homework) to prepare for the exam. Additionally, students can take the Beginning Conversation class for up to two semesters for extra practice for the speaking portion of the exam. 

Any student can test at our location, even if you have never taken a class with us.

Please take into consideration that the registration deadline ends 3 weeks before the actual test date.

Our informal, “more relaxed”, conversational classes require that you have taken at least the basic A1.1 class so that you can participate and have a basic knowledge of language functions, vocabulary, and sentence structure.

For questions about Class Policies, Tuition Refunds & Class Cancellation policies please read our Policies​ page.


Wir suchen Erzieher*innen und Lehrkräfte für unsere Sprachkurse für Erwachsene und Kinder. Wenn Sie Interesse daran haben, bei uns zu unterrichten, senden Sie bitte Ihren Lebenslauf an
"Learning a foreign language is challenging. I always subconsciously thought that I would not be able to do this, but the teacher is such a fantastic instructor, her teaching style and techniques are so effective that I didn’t realize that I am getting good at it. She answers all questions and even after class she continuously provides reference materials. I really appreciate her efforts to go above and beyond for her students."
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