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...the little sister of Oktoberfest


28th Annual Maifest & Kinderfest Fundraising Event
"The German Texan Beer & Wine Festival"
May 4th, 2024
11:00am - 7:30pm

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Come take part in a German festival that marks the arrival of spring: Maifest, “the little sister of Oktoberfest.” This year we will have about 6-8 Beer vendors and 4 wine vendors from Germany and Texas. Maifest has the same friendly, welcoming atmosphere as Oktoberfest, but it has its own special brew: Maibock beer. Off the Grid, Walburg Boys and Lederhosen Junkies will play your favorite tunes. 


We'll have a Kinderzone (kid's area) with kid's activities.  


GRAB your Lederhosen and Dirndl.
Those who wear, care!

Kids under 12 are free.

Volunteer with us

We Need Your Support Today!

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