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You can purchase GIFT CARDS here

A great way to support your favorite non-profit is by buying our German T-Shirts from

Spreadshirt here

Proceeds will end up back at GTHS to support our programs. 

To read more about what you will be supporting or to become a member and get involved please go to our membership page here.

You can also support us with every purchase you make on Amazon. Sign into your account through on your desktop or mobile phone. Go to your account and select the option to change or dedicate GTHS as your charity. It's as simple as that. Every penny counts. We appreciate your pennies.

If you're really into handcrafted German goods, please visit us during Christmas season as we import a variety of German handcrafted original items from the Erzgebirge and other regions of Germany to sell at our GTHS Christmas market days. To learn more about our Christmas market please go here.

Looking for a great German gift to give to someone special? Visit our gift shop at GTHS at 507 E. 10th Street in Austin, Texas 78701 throughout the year on Thursdays from 11 am-3 pm.

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GIFT Cards and Classes

​Just looking to buy some gift cards as a gift for someone to take German Language Classes at GTHS? We offer classes for young and old, for beginners and advanced students. See our full program here

And buy your gift cards here


Help us preserve the German-Texan History

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