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Kiana Salazar



Hello, I am Kiana "Kiwi" Salazar. I am a new instructor at GTHS teaching teens online and leading the Spielgruppe. I am originally from the Rio Grande Valley region of South Texas, and have been living in Austin for the past 8 years. I moved here to attend the University of Texas at Austin where I earned my B.A. in International Relations and Global Studies with a focus track in Culture, Media, and the Arts, a minor in Latin American Studies, and a German Language certificate. I am passionate about learning languages and love making connections through communication. I have been interested in studying German since I was a pre-teen, and now as an adult I get to share that with others. I have enjoyed teaching a few different things, including multimedia art and martial arts, and now work as a reading specialist (for English) at a local school. Some of my hobbies include making art of different kinds, singing, gardening, hanging out with friends, and bingeing my favorite shows.

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