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Christopher Markley

Executive Director


Servus Y’all –

I’m married to Manuela Markley (German native) and have two teenage daughters Saskia and Svenja (both German-Texan). I’m a native Texan, grew up in Lockhart, Texas and have lived in the Austin area for 20+ years. I can trace my family to one of the “Old Eighteen” defenders of the Gonzales cannon who died defending the Alamo, Jacob Darst. The only break in not living in the Austin area was from 2012 – 2015, when we moved to Munich, Germany where I worked for O2 / Telefonica Germany, similar to Verizon here in the USA. I understand and speak German and some Bayerish. I have a degree from Texas State and an MBA focused in International Business.

Fun Fact most don’t know: I collect sand from any new place I visit. My collection has over 500 unique places all over the world and continues to grow, either collected by me or friends that know about my passion. Some people collect souvenir coffee mugs or t-shirts on their travels, while I gather sand or as my children call it: DIRT

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