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Carola Lofton


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I’ve taught since March 2022 adult and teenager classes for the GTHS, and serve clients also as a private tutor. I have also taught younger kids at the German Preschool in Austin.
My teaching style is motivating and encouraging with my own enthusiasm for the German language. I supplement the current course books with original material and offer my students authentic German sources including videos, podcasts, songs, and literature.

I grew up in Southern Germany and earned a Master’s Degree in German linguistics and literature from the University in Heidelberg, Germany. After university, I worked for 6 years as an editor, copywriter and proofreader. I studied Latin, French and Italian, and I’m excited about learning new languages. I have traveled for several years and worked with people all over the world, before finding my current home in Texas in 2019. Being an expat myself, I understand the cultural differences between the US and Germany and bring this awareness into my lessons. I also know from personal experience the benefits of language immersion and surrounding yourself with authentic sources from the beginning while diving with curiosity into the beauty and richness of a new language and culture.

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