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Dr. Marc Pierce


Marc Pierce came to Texas in 2007, as Assistant Professor of Germanic Studies at UT-Austin.  He is currently Associate Professor of Germanic Studies at UT-Austin, as well as a Research Associate on the Texas German Dialect Project, an Affiliate of the Angus McIntosh Center for Historical Linguistics at the University of Edinburgh, and the Book Review Editor of the Yearbook of German-American Studies.  His research focuses mostly on historical linguistics, the history of linguistics, Germanic linguistics, and Texas German; he regularly teaches courses on the history and structure of the German language, Grimms’ fairy tales, and the early Germanic languages (Old and Middle High German, Gothic, and Old Saxon).  He is currently working on a book about the history of Germanic linguistics in North America.

His interest in Texas German began when he came to Texas and first learned about this fascinating New World variety of German.  Since then, he has been involved with the Texas German Dialect Project and has collaborated on several articles on Texas German topics, e.g. front rounded vowels, relative clauses, and English loan words.  He is currently working on co-authored articles on plural formation in Texas German and a reassessment of the impact of World War I on Texas Germans and the Texas German language.  He has been a member of the GTHS Board since 2016.

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