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Kids & Teen Classes

Formal German classes for children and teens

Our formal, textbook and project based courses for kids and teens are designed for homeschool, private school, and traditional students who are looking to learn German in a formal setting. These courses are conducted primarily in German and use German-language text books. The content covered in class is supplemented by a workbook, which students complete independently. Students work in class to develop their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.

Our San Antonio kids classes are moving to the Beethoven Männerchor location at 422 Pereida St.
San Antonio, Texas 78210​​

The "Mansion" at the Beethoven Männerchor location is a beautiful Victorian house with ample room for our Samstagsschule kids and adults. The fenced in Biergarten allows for plenty of space for outdoor play

We are excited for this new opportunity to partner with the Beethoven Männerchor and it's long standing German-Texan traditions.

See an overview of all Austin Kid’s class listings below

Course curriculum is designed to prepare students for the Goethe-Institut Certificate exams for young adults, recognized globally as proof of German language proficiency. Read more about the Goethe-Institut and their language exams here.

If you have any questions, or would like assistance in determining for which course to register, please contact

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