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Flavia Meterez



My name is Flavia Meterez.

I am a trained actress (here my most recent German acting project: The All Is One — official website) and visual artist, and have been working as an educator for almost 20 years. I have always been passionate about the education and development of the individual and I am always happy to see the benefits that education ultimately allow humanity to flourish intellectually.

I taught art at the university in Bucharest, Romania. I worked as a university lecturer in adult education in Romania for many years. In my professional life in Austria, I managed to face a new challenge - in the area of training/coaching/consulting, advising people in difficult situations, accompanying young people and adults to clarify their current life situation, to improve social problems and psychological stability.

In the US I started as an Institutional Assistant, working with disabled children, helping them find their way to independence and self-confidence, a very beautiful and at the same time psychologically intensive mission, which offers one a very special professional satisfaction and makes you learn, reevaluate, and reconsider the values of life. Since July 2023 I am part of the German teaching Staff of the Texan Heritage Society, Austin TX. 

Since August 2023: Lecturer in German at the University of the Incarnate Word San Antonio.


I grew up bilingual - Romanian & German in Timisoara, a city (Cultural European Capital this year)  in the the V part of Romania, and till I finished the high school, I studied everything in German & spoke almost only German. I switched to Romanian in the University, when I moved to Bucharest , I lived in the communist era, back then we didn't always have everything we wanted or needed and had to deal with that.


I am well-traveled, intellectually curious and I love to meet new people and learn about their stories and mentalities, am very handy and love cooking - was a competitor in MasterChef Reality Show Romania 2012.

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